If you'd like to support ShoutOut by purchasing ad space or sponsoring a post, please contact us at shoutoutmaine@gmail.com! Thanks!

Introductory Rates

We want to keep our rates reasonable, given our size and scope, whilealso making your dollars stretch as far as they can to help build and grow ourplatform. That’s why we’re offering an introductory rate and  sponsor rates.

Bonus: Ad design included if needed (we’ll work with you to design the ad to yourspecifications).

Sidebar Medium Rectangle Ad (One Month) - $250

Sidebar Vertical Rectangle Ad (One Month) - $350

Sponsor a Series - $100 per post

We will work with you to iron out an LGBTQ-related topic or issue, plan a series of posts, and find a dedicated blogger to cover the topic/issue and produce the posts. You will listed as the sponsor of the series.

Example: Company sponsors a series of posts covering 10 dragshows in the Greater Portland area in  the year 2019. Total cost of sponsorship would be $1,000.