Our Cheeky Travels: Our travels will continue


  It has been decided, we will not be coming back to the US, we will instead continue on our journey around the world. I think many of you saw this coming before we even did. If you’ve ever traveled outside of the US I’m sure you understand the excitement and thrill you get. You also get this itch to keep going. Once you’re in the thick of it you realize how easy it is to be somewhere foreign. Leading up to your departure it’s of course nerve-racking, but once you’ve been in another country for a few months it becomes comfortable. We’ve been very lucky to find a job that pays well and has many opportunities (more about this job in another post). This job will propel us into our next adventure.

Next we will hop over to Australia and essentially do the same thing we’re doing here in NZ, work and travel. The visa for Australia is a bit different, it costs $500 and has the opportunity of extending for an additional year if you work in agriculture for a short time. The pay is greater as well, so hopefully the money we make there will sustain us for a couple years after that. We hope to head to Japan after Australia, then the Philippines, Thailand, Malaysia, etc. We’ll end with a Euro-trip before coming home. At this point our endeavors will take us into 2022, and into my 30’s! Eek!

As exciting as this sounds we do miss our friends and family deeply. Not a day goes by where we don’t talk about someone. How something reminds us of a time we spent with friends, or a new acquaintance reminds us of someone back home. If we could afford it we would fly back home in between each new adventure! But unfortunately that is not the case. Stay tuned for more details as we finalize our plans!!

I also want to thank all of you who come by and read our posts. I know who you are, and I love you. I will be renewing the domain and I will continue to write (hopefully more frequently). Who knows, maybe you’ll see some merchandise on here someday. Hehe.

About Our Cheeky TravelsWe're just a cheeky gay couple making our way around the world. We're humbled that you're here to watch us on our journey. We write about our personal struggles and triumphs as well as our adventures together and the places we end up. Most of what we do is spontaneous and we learn a little something every day. We hope that you learn a little about yourself through our experiences and get inspired to take your own leap of faith.

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