The Babe & The Bro (Ep. 009): Man or Moron?


About The Babe & The Bro Podcast

The Babe and The Bro is designed to let listeners vent about their experiences with the patriarchy, dudes, isms, or whatever.  Give us a call at 603-819-4037 and tell us about your lived reality. Then, tune in as your hosts, college pals Kelsea Dunham and Dan Jandreau with really different backgrounds, check their voicemails from listeners and use those experiences to center their conversations on the podcast.  Featuring education, pop culture, guest experts (and cats!), long tangents, and current events!

This week, we take a call from a woman who has a scary experience but just can’t get her partner to understand her point of view.  Join Kelsea and Dan as they discuss privilege, and somehow ramble about chain restaurants, #DanTheMan, tiny bb feminists, and meet Dan’s girlfriend, Emma, for a hot second.

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