Ask Liz: Cannabis and Mental Health


"cannabis is it ok for treating mental health?" -Anonymous Dearest Anonymous,

This is a really good question and one I've often debated for myself. According to this article from the Times in 2016, there haven't been many studies involving the therapeutic uses of marijuana. Later on, in the article, it states that cannabis would be beneficial for people with "depression, social anxiety, and PTSD, though it may not be ideal for people with bipolar disorder, for instance, for which there appears to be more negative side effects than positive ones." as well as it states that it might be beneficial for addiction.

I've personally thought about whether I want to take cannabis or not. For me, I decided against it. I do know that other's have used it for their anxiety. It all comes down to whether you want to try it or not. There isn't much research out there to fully support it or not. It's your personal decision and I will fully support you on whatever you decide.

As always, best wishes, and less stress!


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