014: Mints Over Makeup


https://www.podbean.com/media/share/pb-4ctx6-90d417This week, we take an email about from someone who chose mints over makeup. Join Kelsea and Dan as they discuss whether or not makeup is empowering, and somehow ramble about first dates, our siblings, and Alicia Keys on the way! Google voicemail: 617-819-4037

Email: thebabeandthebro@gmail.com

Kelsea pre-screens all calls and emails, so if you don’t want your call played to anyone else, just say so.  

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Reference links:

Byrdie: Why Wearing Makeup As a Feminist Statement, Audrey Nobel, August 29, 2017

Her Campus: Wearing Makeup Is Not A Feminist Statement, Erica Galluscio, December 27, 2017