Neo-Nazi video game lets white supremacists kill LGBTQ and Obama to 'save' Trump

Photo credit: Wheel Maker Studios

Just as technology and social media have provided platforms to bring about change, so too has it been a tool for white supremacists and Neo-Nazis to find like-minded people, communicate, and organize. For instance, Christopher Cantwell, one of the lead organizers for the Charlottesville "Unite the Right" rally, organized the event by creating a Facebook event. They have used other popular platforms such as YouTube and Reddit.

Now, Cantwell, mentioned above, is promoting a Neo-Nazi video game called "Angry Goy 2," which allows players to play as Cantwell or notorious alt-right leader Richard Spencer to save President Trump from "left-wing terrorists." 

One of the more gruesome levels allows players to shoot-up a gay nightclub, which is said to have borne a resemblance to the tragic Pulse nightclub shooting in 2016 in Orlando, Florida.

Angry Goy II is the season’s hit game for White males who have had it with Jewish bullshit,” Cantwell wrote on his website. “Instead of taking out your frustrations on actual human beings, you can fight the mongrels and degenerates on your computer!”

He has also promoted the new game on Gab, a social site popular with white supremacists and the Neo-Nazis, writing, “All White men should hunt down and mercilessly kill as many t—nies, f—-ts, n—–s, k—s, and cucks as they possibly can, in the new hit game Angry Goy 2!"

Other grism scenes allow players to kill journalists from the "Fake News Network," Hillary Clinton, and President Barack Obama.

The original game, Angry Goy I, was released by Wheel Maker Studios last year and allowed players to kill black people, Jews, and refugees.