It's the Holiday Season. Help Fellow LGBTQ Friends Feel Like Family.


The holiday season in America is a time when people are warmed by feelings and thoughts of family and belonging. But not all families are created equal and not all families are like the pictures of happy people that we often see. 

For LGBTQ people especially, the holiday season can actually make a person feel more lonely. Many LGBTQ youth are homeless because their families refuse to love them as they are and are spending the holidays in a shelter or on the streets. 

Even if LGBTQ folks find themselves at a family Thanksgiving, they may not be out yet or their family might not be open and accepting - which, despite the festive atmosphere, still makes them feel lonely.

It is up to us, as a community, to help each other and to recognize that not everyone has the same experience during the holidays. 

Whether it's through a "Friendsgiving," or something as simple as reaching out and wishing them a happy holiday or asking where they're spending the holidays, it makes an impact.

People often say, "Friends are the family you choose." 

So make sure to reach out to queer friends to say, "We here. We're queer. We're family."